"I have enough jewelry" said no woman ever...

Hello, H&A International Jewelry friends and family! It is the beginning of December and the holidays are right around the corner. Many of us, myself included, always seem to be buying all of our holidays gifts at the last second but this year let us change that! Gone are the days where you have no clue what to get your spouse, daughter, and sister! Gone are the days where you come rushing in on Christmas Eve looking for a gift! At H&A, we always have our customers in mind, so we came up with this helpful gift guide to help you shop for all the special women in your life!

Earring jackets

An earring jacket is a piece of jewelry that goes along with your existing earring post or stud. The jacket is designed to wrap around your stud earrings and add some sparkle, beauty and fun. Though earring jackets are a small change, they are fun, easy to use, and can totally up your earring game. You can opt to go for an all diamond earring jacket that will allow the diamond stud to look larger and have more sparkle, or go for a super fun earring jacket that incorporates colored stones. We only have diamond earring jackets in our showroom but we can custom design a fun jacket for you, too! Don’t wait too long!