Have a Happy Mother's Day!

Hello, friends of H&A International! How is it already the middle of April, and how is Mother’s Day already around the corner? 2019 is truly zipping by. Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to show how appreciative you are for everything she’s done for you throughout your life. If you’re reading this, it might be safe for H&A to assume you might need some help figuring out what to give! Although your mom would be appreciative of a card and a nice dinner, getting her a thoughtful gift will mean even more to her. Now, this is where H & A comes in!! A beautiful jewelry piece will be priceless to your mother. She will cherish the piece and show it off to her friends, and not just all week long after Mother’s Day. There is nothing more sentimental than to have something tangible that will remind her of your appreciation and love for all that she does for you and the family. And remember there is more than one mother in your life! Consider getting something for your grandmother. Perhaps get something for the mother of your children. Do you have a mother-in-law? Just something to keep in mind! A thoughtful Mother’s Day gift will boil down to three categories. They are:

  1. Sentimental gifts