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Have a Happy Mother's Day!

Hello, friends of H&A International! How is it already the middle of April, and how is Mother’s Day already around the corner? 2019 is truly zipping by. Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to show how appreciative you are for everything she’s done for you throughout your life. If you’re reading this, it might be safe for H&A to assume you might need some help figuring out what to give! Although your mom would be appreciative of a card and a nice dinner, getting her a thoughtful gift will mean even more to her. Now, this is where H & A comes in!! A beautiful jewelry piece will be priceless to your mother. She will cherish the piece and show it off to her friends, and not just all week long after Mother’s Day. There is nothing more sentimental than to have something tangible that will remind her of your appreciation and love for all that she does for you and the family. And remember there is more than one mother in your life! Consider getting something for your grandmother. Perhaps get something for the mother of your children. Do you have a mother-in-law? Just something to keep in mind! A thoughtful Mother’s Day gift will boil down to three categories. They are:

  1. Sentimental gifts

  2. Family themed gifts

  3. Gifts that are unique to the mother’s personality

At H&A we like to cover all our bases so there will be gift ideas listed that will span over all three categories! Take out your notepad and sharpen your pencils because you’ll definitely want to write some of these ideas down!

Sentimental Jewelry

  • Heart shaped pendants are wonderful gifts to give from the whole family. Whether it be a diamond heart pendant or a simple solid yellow or white gold pendant, she will be able to wear the whole family's love on her neck.

  • Pearls are the most popular type of jewelry to be passed down as heirlooms. Something about pearls--just so timeless and endearing.

  • Diamond studs or solitaire pendants can truly be gifted for any occasion and will be loved no matter what. You know that they say “Diamonds are forever” and so is your love for the mothers in your life. Diamonds are also commonly passed down to family members!

Family Themed Jewelry

  • You can have H&A custom-make a necklace or ring with her children's birthstones. This is a beautiful and tender idea that will make any mother cry tears of happiness. As the family grows, she will be able to continue to add new birthstones to the piece! This is a beautiful idea for both moms and grandmothers. There are a couple of traditional ways to customize a family birthstone piece. You can do a family tree pendant or just set the stones in a row on a necklace or any other type of jewelry.

  • Engraving jewelry can be a wonderful way to take a simple piece and give it meaning that will ultimately be priceless. We could engrave birth dates of children and/or grandchildren, their names, or a special message on the pendant.

Jewelry That Reflects Her Personality

  • Stackable rings have the ability to allow the wearer to really customize their look and style. There are endless styles of stackable rings to choose from. Whatever her style may be, a stackable ring that matches her style exists. You can help add to her jewelry collection with a new fashion piece!

  • Some gifts don’t have to be a surprise. You can pick out and buy one of her favorite colored stones or her birthstone and give her the stone for Mother’s Day. Here comes the fun part: tell her to come back to H&A and we can help her customize anything she wants using the stone! She can create ANYTHING!! This way she gets to wear something she designed and loves.

Hopefully this gift guide has been helpful and useful! We are just under a month away from Mother’s Day! It’s never too early to find a gift for all the mothers in your life! We can help you with any of the gift ideas listed! Come by our store and let’s get this Mother’s Day party started!​

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