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H&A International Jewelry is the American Dream come alive.

Born and raised in Israel, our founder, Haim Haviv, dreamed of a life outside of a small village, the only place he had ever known. Looking for adventure and the chance to improve the quiet life he was accustomed to, he set his sights for the United States and has never looked back. His end goal was simple​; retire first then get to work. 

Upon his arrival and eager to experience as much as he could, he spent years traveling across the country, seeing every monument and hidden treasure he could find, and relishing in the adventure of it all. After touring as much of the country as possible, he chose to plant his roots in Atlanta, Georgia and start a family. 


Fully satiated from the wonders he'd been able to savor over the previous few years, he took a job with Ellman's Department Store in their home luxuries department. His unmatched passion for the finest things in life garnered him quick success and in his first week, he was promoted from Silver, to Fine Jewelry to Diamond Sales. This is the moment when the future of H&A International Jewelry would begin to take shape.

Soon after, H&A International Jewelry opened in a small office in Buckhead. Entrance was gained only via a word of mouth referral, then a client was granted a VIP card. After a year, with only referrals, it was apparent the small space was not adequate for the rapidly booming business, and the office was moved again to its current headquarters in Dunwoody, Georgia. From high end celebrity clientele, to thousands of local and international customers, the decision was made to open H&A International Jewelry to the public and to open a second location in beautiful Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

Through every transition, the mission of H&A International Jewelry has stayed consistent:

provide the highest quality diamonds for the lowest possible prices, educate our customers honestly, and set the standard for customer service. “A small markup, but lots of clients,” Haviv says, “along with honesty and responsibility are the keys to [the] success of H&A Jewelry.

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