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General FAQ

Do you abide by the Kimberley Process?

We subscribe to the Kimberley Process which we believe offers the best solution to the issue of 'Conflict Diamonds'. We require our suppliers to ensure that the diamonds supplied to us have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. To read more about the Kimberely Process click here


How are your prices so low?

We are the importer that thousands of local jewelers, national jewelry chains and international companies use as their main source for diamonds. Because we have bought and sold directly for nearly 40 years, we have perfected the art of low cost and ethical buying and are able to provide the highest quality diamonds and gem stones at the lowest possible prices. 

Do I need to make an appointment to shop, have repairs completed or get an appraisal?

To shop with your preferred H&A associate, please call ahead and we'll be happy to schedule a time for you with them. For a repair, please come at your leisure. While we prefer an appointment for an appraisal, it is not always necessary. We do ask that you call ahead with a window of times that works best for your schedule. 

Do you have an on-site jeweler?

Yes! To read more about him, click here. With over 30 years' experience, his dedication to craftsmanship, artistry and precision is unprecedented. 


How long do repairs take?

A repair can take anywhere from minutes to hours, depending on the complexity and severity of the damage or wear. When dropping off a piece for repair, we will provide you with an estimate for cost and time of return. Some repairs can be completed while you wait. Please call ahead to schedule a specific repair while you wait. 

Do you repair watches?

Absolutely! While minor issues can often be done while you wait, more advanced repairs may need to be sent to our off-site watch specialist. Of course, we have to have the correct tools and parts. We can't guarantee service on every watch!

Diamond FAQ

What does "G.I.A." stand for?

GIA stands for the Gemological Institute of America, the foremost leader and standardizing non-profit institution responsible for bringing a universally accepted system to diamond and colored stone grading. By establishing the diamond grading scales we know today, GIA was able to bring transparency and education to the public. Because of their efforts, GIA reports are the most valuable and trustworthy in the world. 


What are your standards for buying diamonds?

Building our collection means adhering to the strictest quality standards. We do not purchase off-cut stones. None of our stones are "milky". We have a plethora of colorless and near-colorless stones all graded by GIA and accompanied by GIA reports. 

Are your diamonds natural or lab created?

We carry both natural and lab created diamonds. Please call our Atlanta headquarters at Monday-Friday 10am-5pm to discuss diamond buying options with one of our diamond specialists. 

What if you do not have what I need in stock?

While this is rare, it is not impossible. Should there be a specific combination of shape, color, clarity, etc. that you are looking for, we have the ability to acquire the stone you desire. 

I already have a diamond. Can you set it into a new mounting?

Yes! Bring in your stone and alongside one of our GIA trained associates, we will find the perfect fit.

Do you have a trade-in program?

We do! This applies to diamond stud earrings and the center stone of your diamond engagement ring. If the diamond studs or center stone were purchased from H&A International Jewelry, please bring your diamond certificate and any original paperwork with you. After confirming your original purchase, your full value for any GIA  stone will be honored and applied towards your new purchase, which must be at least 50% above the original purchase price.

What are your standards for buying gold and diamonds?

We will consider for purchase any gold 9k and higher, and many diamonds, depending upon the size and quality. To sell any gold and jewelry to us, please make an appointment at our Atlanta or Oklahoma City location. Click here for contact information. 

Financing, Orders & Shipping 

Do your offer financing?


Our customers may apply for 6 or 12 month interest free financing through Wells Fargo at the location most convenient to you. The process typically takes less than 5 minutes and is as easy as saying "I do"! 

Is lay-away an option?


Yes! With a 25% deposit, we offer 2, 4 or 6 month lay-away programs. After your deposit is placed, we reserve your item and allow you to make payments Monday-Friday 10am-5pm via the phone or by stopping by in store at your leisure within the agreed upon time commitment. 


Payment and Shipping


All telephone orders require upfront payment. 

All of our packages are sent via FedEx overnight express with full insurance. 

Returns & Refunds

All sales are final. Please call the Atlanta office at 770-396-3456 Monday-Friday 10am-5pm for more detailed answers to questions concerning your purchase. 

Appraisals & Insurance Replacements

How much does an appraisal cost?


Appraisals start at $25 per item. This price applies to a basic design (i.e. a plain gold band, or a diamond solitaire ring where the diamond is less than 2 carats). As the pieces become more complex, the price will increase. Most watches without diamond decorations start at $35. 


What does a reappraisal from H&A International Jewelry cost?

If your previous appraisal was performed by H&A, we will update your appraisal for a flat $20 per piece.


If you have an appraisal from another company, please bring it with you to your appointment. It will be helpful for descriptive information, but we will need to conduct our own inspection and evaluation. This means regular appraisal prices.


What if you discover damage during the appraisal process?

During an appraisal, damage, wear or chipping may be detected and you will always be informed. If repairs are needed, an estimate for repair will be given and we will proceed with them with your approval. 


What makes you qualified to do an appraisal?

Our team has been trained by the Gemological Institute of America, the global standard and leading diamond and gemstone grading institution in the world. We are Graduate Gemologists and GIA Diamond Graduates. We’ve been doing insurance and estate appraisals for over 37 years. Our appraisals are approved by all insurance companies. We are thorough, precise and highly favored by local and national insurance agencies.

What happens during an appraisal and what are you looking for?


First, we do an overview of the piece, offer our estimate to appraise the piece and, if you are comfortable with the price, we continue on to the appraisal . Then, we may need to clean the items to remove dirt and debris that can mask the true color or clarity of your stones. Next, we inspect the pieces for problem areas like chipped stones or broken prongs. If there is an inscription in the stone, we match it to the lab report for accuracy. Throughout the process, we are taking notes in order to be able to thoroughly describe each piece. After the preliminary evaluation, we usually do a team inspection where at least one other gemologist will take a look at the piece and a value is calculated. Then we go over our notes with you. Your appraisal will be emailed to you.

How long does an appraisal last?

The typical wait time is 15-20 minutes per piece of jewelry.

Can I watch the appraisal process?

Absolutely! For larger appraisals, some customers prefer to drop off their pieces and pick them up at a later date. If you choose to stay and watch a large appraisal, please make an appointment by phone or on our contact page here

Can you resend an appraisal? 


If you have misplaced your appraisal and it is under two years old, yes! If your appraisal is more than two years old it's time to make an appointment for reappraisal for insurance purposes; however, if you absolutely want a copy of the old appraisal, it will cost $10/hour for the research. 

I need to make an insurance claim but can't find my appraisal. Can you send it to the insurance agent for me?


If you need to make a claim, your agent doesn’t need the appraisal—your claims adjuster needs the appraisal, and if it isn’t already part of your file, you are probably too late. Your adjuster will need a replacement quote from H&A. Have the adjuster contact H&A directly here. The adjuster will give us the information about the specific piece of jewelry and we will be happy to forward a replacement quote.



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