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Happy Father's Day!

How is it already the end of the first week of June? It feels like we just celebrated Mother’s Day and now, Father’s Day is around the corner. We’ve celebrated the mothers of our lives and now it’s time to do the same for our fathers. I know you maybe thinking that a jewelry store might be an unlikely place for you to do your Father’s Day shopping but you might surprise yourself. Often times we overlook how men can accessorize and elevate their looks. A good watch or a nice set of cufflinks can make a world of difference. With French cuffs on his dress shirt, put a pair of classy cufflinks on him and he will look ten times more put together. So, don’t write off accessories too quickly for Father’s Day!

Gift giving can be difficult, especially for fathers, so we have created a mini gift guide for all our friends and family of H&A International Jewelry.


There are several different routes you can go with watches when picking one out. Is your father or husband a more classic man who enjoys things that never go out of style? Or is he a more sporty guy who enjoys to let loose a little and prefers jeans over slacks? There are tons of watches to choose from that will resonate with his style and personality. A Rolex watch is a classic watch every watch lover needs and

wants in their collection. Get him a classic two-tone Rolex Datejust to start him off if he does not have one or get him a new Submariner to add to his collection.

And if he’s a sporty guy, we’d suggest a new Breitling or Tag Heuer watch. We have brand new Breitling watches in our showroom! They are some mighty good looking watches.


As I described above, a nice pair of cufflinks can really elevate a man’s look despite seeming like a minor detail. Sometimes it’s the little details that can matter the most. We can custom make a pair of cufflinks that is personalized for him. Custom making pieces can hold sentimental value that a finished piece sometimes can not mirror. Make your husband or dad look like the most well put together man in the room at his next business meeting or at a fancy dinner date!

Chain necklaces

It seems like most dads don't wear jewelry but if they do more often than not, he will be sporting a Cuban link necklace or bracelet. They have a nice weight to them, thick or thin. They have a very classic yet masculine look to them- perfect for a dad of any age.

Hopefully one of these three ideas sound like it would be a successful gift! We helped Mom feel like the most special woman so it’s time to make Dad feel like he is appreciated too!

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