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As the holidays approach...

Hiya, friends and family of H&A! In case time has also been escaping you, Christmas is in less than two weeks! If you have not started shopping, or just do not know what to get that special someone, we are here to help you out! We always ask our customers if the person they are shopping for has a pair of diamond studs, or a diamond solitaire necklace, or a tennis bracelet. We will run through the line and try to figure out if they don’t have one or another. We often suggest one of the three to gift someone.

Studs, solitaire necklace and tennis bracelets are the trifecta of basic must-have pieces in a diamond collection. Our wonderful master jeweler has made brand new inventory for all three types of jewelry for this holiday season. We are chock full of goodies for our customers!

  • Diamond stud earrings

  • Diamond solitaire pendant necklace

  • Tennis Bracelet

Timeless pieces like these age well and will always be in style.

You simply cannot go wrong. The beauty of all three items is that all are easily upgradable. So, when the next big holiday rolls around, you can upgrade and go bigger in instead of having to think of a whole new gift. No one hates bigger diamonds, trust me! Come by in the next two weeks and let the holiday spirit land you the deal of a lifetime on one of these beauties, or maybe something else from our exceptional collection!

Our holiday hours are:

Monday through Thursday, 10am-6:15pm,

Fridays, 10am to 5:15pm,

Saturdays until Christmas, 11am to 4pm,

Closed Sundays except

Open Sunday, December 23, 11am to 4pm

Check our website for holiday hours updates! We will also be having an open house on Christmas Eve with mimosas and finger foods! (10am to 2pm)

So make sure to free up an hour or two in the afternoon to join us and shop around! Happy holidays to our H&A family and friends!

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