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How to stack rings

Every couple of years new ring trends seem to surface and replace old ones. For the last few years, rose gold rings were all the rage and before that--midi rings. Recently, stacking rings have become t

he new hot trend. With stacking rings, it’s all about customizing and cultivating your own style by mixing and matching different rings together. There are an infinite number of ways you can change up your look with stackable rings. You can go from feminine and dainty to bold and funky just by switching up your ring choices.

1. Feminine

Combine delicate and simple pieces to achieve a feminine look. Simple pieces that are minimally decorated and thin soften up your image.

2. Bold

Chunky and elongated rings allows you to stay professional all while you stay true to your daring personality. You can also mix wearing yellow gold and white gold or silver rings together. (This used to be considered a fashion faux pas.)

3. Funky

Mix and match different thicknesses, colors, and designs to cultivate an eclectic look.

4. Vintage

Wearing brushed metal or copper toned rings that give off a slightly dull and rusted look can help you achieve a more vintage look.

Something to consider…

The options are endless with stacking rings. However, there are a few things to consider when putting together your special stacks.

  • Are you wearing other jewelry like chunky bracelets or large drop earrings? If so, you may want to lay low with the rings. Having multiple statement pieces can be too overwhelming.

  • The sizes of the ring in relation to each other also make a difference. Are the rings you picked all chunky or are you missing in a few thinner ones? Variation is key to multiples.

  • Can you bend your knuckle? You don't want to be uncomfortable!

  • Does it catch on your clothes? I’m sure you would rather not damage any clothes…

  • And most importantly, do you like the way you feel when you wear all you’ve chosen? This is the most important question to ask yourself!

Go and look through your ring collection and see what stacks you can create! The possibilities are truly endless. Rings of any types are a perfect gift, as well! We recently stocked up on stackable rings and other fashion rings. Take a picture and tag us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook of your stacks! Our social media handle is @hainternationaljewelry! If you think your collection is lacking, come by H & A to find a ring to add to your collection! Stack away, folks!

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