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August The Birthstone: Peridot

Happy Birthday to those celebrating in August!

Every month has that special birthstone and this month is celebrated with the peridot. The peridot is a beautiful green gemstone. Not to be confused with the emerald, peridot is a light, almost lime green shade. The peridot is named after the French word "peritot," meaning gold because the mineral can vary towards this color.

The gemstone actually has a very interesting history. The ancient Egyptians mined peridot, they referred to it as the "gem of the sun". Peridot was used in many of their jewelry, as carved talismans. Egyptians mined these stones from the Red Sea and incorporated them into their culture and art. Many of the Pharaohs were buried with their precious stones and jewelry. Those who tried to steal, were sentenced to immediate death.

Here are some random beliefs peridot is known for:

- Peridot is the stone to celebrate the 16th year of marriage

- The Great Romans believed the stone needed to be worn on the right arm to produce the strongest magic

- The gem should be set in gold for it has the power to dispel "terrors of the night" (bad dreams and fears)

- Frees the mind of envious thoughts

- Protect wearer from the evil eye

- Aid to friendship/greatly improve difficult relationships

- Represents wealth and financial success and also attracts romance

Mystical Powers of Peridot: most of this information is based on folklore and should not be be in replacement of consulting with a real doctor

- Cure diseases of the liver and difficulty of digestion

- Sharpens the mind and opens to new level of awareness

- Self-esteem problems, enhances confidence and assertion

- Physical detoxication

- Improve difficult relationships

- Calm the nervous system, dissolve emotional tensions and balance to the system

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