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Guide to Hoops--and not the hula kind!

Hoop earrings have recently made a comeback. The versatility of hoops make them a go-to pair of earrings for women of all ages. You can make an athleisure outfit look more put together with a simple pair of larger hoops, or give an all black outfit a sexy, punk-rock twist. Their shape, and the way they sit provide the wearer with subtle movement that will always attract attention. They are the definition of when simplicity and beauty marries together.

The neat thing about hoops is that the styles are endless. I promise that you will be able to find a pair of hoops to your personality. They can be as sexy or as subtle and dainty as jewelry can get. There are three main categories of hoops, and within them there can be variations and different styles. Let's have a look:

  • Classic hoops

Classic hoops are your standard circular hoop. You can change things up by adding diamonds or etching a design on to the hoop.

  • Intricate hoops

Intricate hoops can come in different shapes and are more elaborate in design. Often times, intricate hoops have a 3D element to them.

  • Huggies

Huggies: earrings that are small, stunning hoops. They fit closely around the earlobe for a look of sophistication.

The size of the hoop can really change the look of your outfit. Larger, thin hoops may look more youthful, and thicker diamond hoops can look more elegant than thinner diamond hoops.

Millimeters Comparison

18 – 20mm: Penny

25 – 27mm: Quarter

30 – 32mm: Half-dollar coin

63 – 65mm: Soda can

73 – 75mm: Baseball

Important tips to consider when wearing hoops:

  • When wearing hoops, be mindful of your hair length and/or hairstyle so that the hoops are not hidden.

  • Something that people don’t think about is the weight of the hoops. If the hoops are too heavy, the ear lobes will droop.

  • Do you have more delicate features? Maybe go for thinner hoops. Have more prominent features? Thicker hoops might be the way to go.

  • Try on hoops on in front of a three way mirror so you can see every angle and more accurately gauge the scale of the hoops.

  • Don’t shy away from bigger, dramatic hoops! One size larger than you are used to is a good place to start. Just make sure the hoops don’t overtake your features.

  • Opt for open hoops that have a threaded posts and backs over friction backs for added safety. They are more secure and you will almost never have to worry about losing them!

  • Be confident when wearing hoops! The more confident you are the sexier you will feel and look!

We have beautiful hoops in stock at H&A International Jewelry. If you don’t see anything you like, we can custom make a pair for you. We have quite a few of our hoops pictured on our instagram @hainternationaljewelry, so make sure to check ‘em out!

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