Popping the Question: Is it time? Valentine’s Day Edition

It’s the beginning of another wonderful year with your love and your heart still fills with a million butterflies and at the exact same time, is full of peace. You’ve developed a new appreciation for life with your love, whether that means slowing down to smell the roses or picking up the pace and diving into new experiences you wouldn’t have without them. When you think about your future, your partner is there and you know what that means. You’ve done it! You’ve found your forever! Now you know it’s time to ask that all important question and buy that all important ring. But it’s also February, so what do you do? Follow the traditional route and pop the question on Valentine’s Day or choose to be different? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

1. Consider your partner’s personality.

It seems obvious, but it’s a commonly overseen detail in the excitement of planning a proposal. Does your fiancé-to-be swoon at the thought of having a crowd cheer them on? Or does your partner love the intimate outings that only the two of you share? Do the outdoors make them come alive or does the latest restaurant opening get them up and moving? Don’t embarrass your wallflower with a public proposal if what they really crave is a home cooked meal with the one they love. Extroverted sentimentalists will adore the ultimate public display of affection, so what better day to announce your love than on the