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bf How to create such files? I've tried import csv with open(r'D:/File.csv', 'w') as f: writer = csv.writer(f) writer.writerows(result.text.split(" ")) I've also tried with result.text.split(",") and result.text.split(",") and also with writerows but it still do not work. Is there any way to write into such files? A: Read the csv in using pandas import pandas as pd df = pd.read_csv(r'D:/File.csv') Then add the needed data to a new DataFrame, with the columns being the headers from the csv df['Title'] = df['Product Title'].str.strip() df['Author'] = df['Author Name'].str.strip() df['Author-Country'] = df['Author Country'].str.strip() df['Language'] = df['Language of Origin'].str.strip() df['Content-Type'] = df['Content Type'].str.strip() df['Language-Country'] = df['Language of Origin'].str.strip() df['Format'] = df['Format of Publication'].str.strip() df['Format-Country'] = df['Format of Publication'].str.strip() Now just write out to the same csv df.to_csv('D:/NewFile.csv', header=True) And you can do the same for a multi-column file like a row with open(r'D:/File.csv') as f: r = csv.reader(f) data = [] for row in r: data.append(dict(zip(row[0], row[1:]))) df = pd.DataFrame(data) Q: Статус ответов вопросов/ответов веб-сайта Человек внеза�




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Grupo Innovacion 15 Exitos Inolvidables Rar ginezeb

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