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sticking your neck out?

Imagine this. You’re getting ready to go to work. It’s a beautiful morning so you want to dress up. You take your time picking out your outfit. You decide to go with a boat neck shirt and a nice pair of denim jeans. You know something is missing from the outfit but you don’t know how to add a little pizazz. You decide on a necklace but you don’t know which of the ones you own would go best. You don’t want to waste time deciding on one, so you leave with no necklace and a boring outfit.

H&A is here to help you eliminate that annoying fashion headache from your life with our neckline cheat sheet! I’ll be helping you style 7 different types of necklines. By the end of this, you might be headed out to get more necklaces! Don’t say you weren’t warned!!


Don’t hesitate to adorn a turtleneck with a lightweight free moving drop of shimmer. The free dangling nature will balance out the stuffiness a turtleneck can give off.


The scoop or jewel neckline gets its name from being the same circumference as a classic strand of pearls, so keep your sparkle understated with a gentle curve of diamonds with either a bar, a row or both. If it is a scoop neckline, compliment the neckline’s symmetry with a gentle curve of diamonds.


To take advantage of a V-neck plunge, you want a piece that highlights your collarbone and cleavage with dramatic vertical elements.


Strapless necklines offer so many option, but one of our favorites is a fluid, intricately crafted open choker that showcases the clavicle.

Off the shoulder

An off the shoulder neckline is deliberately provocative, so add to the intrigue with a circle of unexpected shapes or a mix of metals.

Button down shirt

Enhance the discreet opening a a tailored button down with a simple bar of diamonds.

Boat neck

The boat neck is a wide neckline that runs horizontally across the collarbone. These are typically a more elegant neckline that requires more elegant fashion necklaces. The best necklaces for boat necks are 18-inch princess necklaces or long pearls. These help to maintain the elegant and classic look of the boat neck.

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