Ring Responsibility

Congratulations! It’s finally happened! Your beloved picked the perfect ring, chose the perfect moment and asked the ultimate question. And you said “yes”! What most people aren’t aware of is your ring is just like a new car. Through the years, wear and tear occur, and maintenance is required. But have no fear: H&A International Jewelry is here to guide you through what’s to come.


1. Prong Maintenance

Your prongs, the small pieces of metal that securely hold your stone in place, wear down over time. Think of the prongs like the tires on your car. The more you drive, the more you use up the outer coating of rubber and the more susceptible your tire becomes to damage.  The same goes for the metal prongs, but in this case, worn down prongs leave your stone vulnerable to becoming loose, or even worse, lost. The good news is this is a slow process that occurs over time. The bad news: it can be expedited due to continued wear during hands-on activities like working out, gardening, or cooking.

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Our Recommendation

Remove your ring during work outs, gardening, cooking, cleaning, showering and sleeping. These are the most common situations where we see prongs getting bent, broken or worn down. We recommend using a ring holder in the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. Whenever you bring your ring to H&A for cleaning (which is complimentary at all times), we always check your prongs and will alert you if your prongs are damaged or worn. 

The Solution

Have your prongs inspected once or twice each year, and have the prongs retipped or rebuilt as needed. Even a ring worn with the most care should still be inspected by a trusted jeweler periodically. And don’t worry, we’re always happy to examine your ring and make sure everything is safe!


2. Rhodium Plating

This only applies to our white gold wearers. All white gold jewelry is electroplated with rhodium. Over time, the rhodium will start to fade and yellow gold may start to show through. This process is expedited by exposure to water, soaps and friction. The best news, is it’s an easy fix.

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Our Recommendation

Bring your jewelry by for its cleaning and prong inspection and ask your jeweler if you think it may need rhodium plating, sometimes called “dipping”. This process is usually complete in under 15 minutes and can be completed while you wait, to bring your rings back to the beautiful crisp white appearance they had they day they were given to you. 

The Solution

Rhodium plating is usually as needed. If you’re wearing a white gold engagement ring and a white gold wedding band as well, get them rhodium plated at the same time so the pair will have consistent coloring.

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Whatever question you may have about the maintenance of your ring, we’re here to help. Our cleanings and inspections are complimentary, and we’re always ready to assist you in navigating the ins and outs of taking care of your jewelry.